Yakuza japanese dragon Tattoo Designs

    In recent years there has been a resurgence of Japanese tattoos. This revival is understandable, as works of Japanese art can be very beautiful. Some of it dates back thousands of years! These days, they are popular for both men and women. If you are a woman who is interested in Japanese tattoo designs, here are some tips to help you in your choice.

    Understanding history

    Tattooing is a tradition in Japan that dates back several centuries. For most of the centuries, art was not accepted by most people. In fact, tattooing in ancient Japan is usually associated with criminals. There were even some brand going on in regard to criminals. The brand continued during the time of the Yakuza (gang). The gang members get tattoos to mark their chosen lifestyle.

    In recent decades, many young Japanese who are not associated with any gang have been getting tattoos as art is becoming more and more mainstream. This art is undergoing a renaissance among species or the Japanese and the trend is spreading more widely to Europe and North America. Now, many men and women of all ages are starting to get Japanese tattoo designs.

    The designs for women

    Here are some of the most popular designs that look great on women. You are free to choose any design you want, of course, but there are certain images that most women tend to prefer.

    Cherry blossom

    Perhaps the most popular flower in Japan, the cherry blossoms is admired for its beauty and delicacy. They are the symbol of how life can be both fragile and beautiful. Even the samurai have to admire the cherry blossoms and write poems about the flower. Today, many women are turning to tattoos cherry blossom. Just look at the pictures of the flower and understand why they are so admired!

    Geisha Tattoos

    Men and women are the geisha in Japanese tattoo designs. They are more than "pinup" models, which are very elegant, cultured women who were trained to carry on the traditions of Japanese culture. They were beautiful and very talented. They were taught to dance, sing, play instruments, pouring tea with perfection, and entertainment in general.

    Some tattoo designs represent both a samurai and geisha meeting, often sitting facing each other and drinking tea. If you want a strong image, women as part of your tattoo, then you could always consider the Geisha.

    Koi fish

    This fish has a lot of positive qualities. It is a symbol of perseverance, strength and spirituality. There is a myth that koi fish often swim upriver to the gate of heaven, where they become a flying dragon and take off into the sky forever. These amazing fish are seen as brave individualists as they go against the grain of nature and become rewarded for his bravery.

    Japanese tattoo designs koi are usually drawn in bright orange and gold tones, combined with bright blue waves in the background. Obviously, it is a beautiful blend of colors, so if you want something that stands out, then this is something you should consider getting.

    Japanese Tattoo

    If you live in the western world, I am sure you are fascinated with Japanese culture from the east. Having the unique and wonderful kind of art, Japanese tattoos are much admired and regarded as a tattoo design flexible.

    Actually you can choose between Japanese characters or symbols with certain meanings. Popular designs like the typical Japanese home during the Meiji era, the faces of some excellent depictions of samurai, the ever famous flower "Sakura" fire dragons and kanji symbols with them are still in style.

    I do not know exactly what these things? Well, if this is your first research in choosing a Japanese tattoo then you must read carefully all your research so you can choose the tattoo for you. Read on to learn more about the perfect Japanese tattoo for you.

    If you prefer a simple but striking Japanese tattoo, kanji character is correct. Japanese writing is in two forms, Hiragana and Katakana. The cursive form of writing is Hiragana, which is the most popular among women, and the simplest type is Katakana. These two styles of writing Kanji descendants. Kanji are the characters who came from China, which are also used in modern Japanese art of writing.

    Apart from that, the old or traditional Japanese house is also a possibility. The houses are built with the notable expansion looking roof, wooden walls with a thin layer of paper designed for sliding doors and the stone path leading to the front door. Generally, traditional houses have great views outside their territories. Bamboo trees are often nearby.

    This bamboo tree can only be another Japanese tattoo design for you. If you tend to be closer to nature, Sakura flower is the hallmark of Japanese culture. The tree produces showy flowers and is in fact of magnetization.

    For a guy willpower of the individual images of a samurai sword or just can give you the right attitude. In Japanese history, the art of tattooing is also common in the old days. This is a sign of courage and sense of belonging to a particular group. But then, tattoos are out of the picture of the tattoo using the Japanese criminals.

    They were marked with these marks to give an identification of an offender. As a result, these tattoos have people formed a band known as the yakuza.

    Sounds great, right? It's time decided from tattoos varieties mentioned and feel the deep culture of their skin. Choosing the design for your tattoo means "Japan forever."

    In this guide to give you some ideas for your next tattoo and give a little history of this wonderful design. Japanese tattoo design has an extensive history and recognized for thousands of years, and eventually this style of full body tattoo, typically associated with the Yakuza has been accepted by society in general.

    For the best example of this style inked on your body think you should look into a full backup, or at least a full arm tattoo for real justice to this style of tattoo. For example, what happens with a design of a full backup of the mighty Samurai fighting a dragon, Koi fish and lotus flower combined in a variety of colors?

    Or you may prefer a full arm design kanji traditional writing style where you can merge a series of words, such as loyalty, love, happiness, or a name of a loved one. His main concern, if you choose the writing, is how do you know what is written is what you wanted? Unless you have a good knowledge of writing kanji, then I would be very careful to get the words in ink on my body.

    For example, there is a story of a girl in a restaurant waiter asked the Japanese to write the word serenity on a napkin for her, which could lead to your tattoo artist. Unfortunately for her, to catch the waiter was not so good English (or was it revenge?) Six months after being signed, he discovered that what she thought was written in bold colors throughout the length of his arm, was not serenity, but service, please!

    Therefore, as you can see, this popular design can make a fool, and you will feel pain in your wallet long after the healing of concealment or laser treatment has been cured.

    If you want to avoid problems before I recommend you join a renowned design site, so you can rely on the correct words, instead of relying on your tattoo artist.

    And one final point to remember, this design is much more detailed than many, so it is not only time but also can be quite expensive.

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