Most popular motifs of star tattoo designs

    Star tattoos are one of the most popular motifs or design issues within the world of tattoo. In fact star tattoos are wanted more than any other type of design. This is based on the monthly volume of keyword search on the internet so that statistics can be a little off, but in general the star tattoo designs are incredibly popular.

    Please be aware just because something is popular especially given a tattoo does not mean you should rush out and get one. These are the types of tattoos they regret later in life when they are not popular or anything. Instead, you should always have any permanent tattoo or piercing because she feels a deep connection and tattooing or piercing is of great significance for others after he was popular or what I saw on a celebrity. I can promise that in 20 years people will not remember the celebrity or star tattoos that were popular. This is not intended to discourage if you were already out the activity in search of a design or star tattoo star tattoo photos and the like. If you feel a connection to the star as a symbol tattoo then by all means to express themselves and go for it.

    Why are star tattoo designs so incredibly popular? There are probably a variety of reasons, and here are some things that customers have told us.

    1. Unisex design star tattoos are really a unisex design. This means that any type of design star tattoo is a nautical star, or a tattoo Starry Night does not really matter stars are a universal theme that fit well for both sexes.

    2. Bold and strong - designs star tattoo are often very brave and strong. The thick lines or solid forms a bold tattoo really stands out and can be seen from a distance.

    3. Variety of colors - star tattoo designs can be done in a variety of colors and in fact are not limited to a specific topic. For example, a pink star, works equally well as a deep blue or a red star tattoo. So you can use a significant color scheme that improves its overall design.

    4. Cheap design - another reason they are so popular is the star tattoos can often be designed by hand or even make free hand by the tattoo artist. They are easy to design, change and adapt.

    5. Variety of Sizes - Stars can be done in a variety of sizes and adjusted in many different ways to fit the space or location of the body where the person wants the tattoo.

    6. Symbolic meaning - there is a deeper meaning behind the stars and yet are kind of up to personal interpretation as well.

    There are also a variety of different star types to choose from. For example, there is a historic tattoo nautical star was an important symbol of good luck to sailors. There are shooting stars, and clusters of stars and the moon just to name some of the variations. In fact, there are plenty of different options to start from, size, color, location and type of stars, the tattoo may feel a very different and original.

    A large part of the tattoo is on the history and meaning. Of course, it is acceptable to use tattoos for the sake of its beauty. However, the majority of tattoo enthusiasts choose designs with so much personal meaning and beauty. Tattoo designs of the star have different histories and meanings. Most people can find tattoo designs star can relate to.

    You should be very sure that love stars. You must have the same security you want to use. You also need to decide exactly what designs you like. There are a variety to choose from. One of the most popular designs is the shooting star. This type of star is his big dream in life. It is a symbol of their determination to achieve his dream.

    There are many different types of tattoo designs and this includes the star. This design can be considered as traditional and has never lost its appeal. What used to be used by partners to the sea. This is, of course, the nautical star design. Today, you do not have to be a sailor to get this particular tattoo. In fact, women also love the nautical star tattoo. The nautical or North Star is what the sailors sailed back home. That means coming home safe.

    Those who appreciate these designs are also attracted by the hexagram. This is a six-sided star. Some people choose this design for religious reasons or just for the look of it. Hexagrams have different meanings to different people. A hexagram might be called the Star of David or the Star of Wicca to name a few. The hexagram is highly revered by those who practice paganism.

    Star tattoo designs can also include the star with seven points, the points eight and nine points. Each has its individual meaning. The seven points is called Septagram and represents the seven planets. The eight points is called the Egyptian star and symbolizes regeneration. The nine points is the star of China and represents the achievement.

    There are those who love star tattoo designs both have an assortment of stars down the side of the body. If a variety of sizes to use this can look very effective and interesting. A star design can also be incorporated or mixed with other symbols such as flames or tribal background. It can be as creative as you want with this beloved symbol.

    The stars may have colors that are incorporated to make them as efficient as possible. Women tend to favor falling stars or stars that are of a delicate design. On the other hand, men have designs of the most important star tattoo and often have a big star in the chest, back, arms or legs.

    Tattoo designs of the star are used by men and women. Men use these stars in your wrist, arm, back, shoulder and side. Women wear the star on the wrist, ankle, shoulder, hip and lower back. Tattoo designs are easily recognizable star in the world.

    Tattoo designs are extremely popular star. Stars are universally regarded as a great tattoo to get. In this article, I'll tell you what they mean and say about 5 different types of designs star tattoo that will need to know before getting your next tattoo.

    Star tattoo meaning

    For most people who use them, tattoos of stars have little or no meaning. Just look good. They are also very neutral and has no real mythological or religious status, unless you choose to get a star on a particular style.

    For some people, that can represent the ambition or hope, but for most of them are pretty neutral.

    Star tattoo designs for girls

    The girls are lucky because many star tattoos are considered feminine from the cultural point of view. Many of the styles of star tattoos also feminine.

    The star tattoo-style regular five-sided. It can be a simple scheme, colorless or within each star can be painted in various colors. A popular type of tattoo on the latter style is the set of "shooting stars". This is very common in the feet, inside the wrist, hip and ribs.

    Another style of star that is very often consists of a black outline with a region out of ink just inside it, followed by filling the rest of the center of the tattoo ink.

    Star Tattoos Neck

    This is a popular type of tattoo and comes in many forms.

    One is to have a collection of shooting stars that emerge from the background (or not) and end at the hairline, but above shoulder height. For example, Rihanna has a neck tattoo in this way. At other times, a single star in black ink or green color indicates can be found in this place.

    Another variation is to have a star off-center in the neck, like shooting stars in the direction of an ear. Some girls like to have star (s) done right behind the ear. Although many people find this sexy, some people may think this is a "facial tattoos" and could allow getting some types of jobs.

    Star tattoo designs tribal

    Tribal stars are less common than those mentioned above, but they still make a great looking tattoo. In fact, there are many more varieties of tribal star tattoos.

    Some stars seem to have depth and be in three dimensions. More commonly, a tribal tattoo Maori style is. Tribal style design means that the five points of a star can be done in a style that is unique to you.

    4 point star tattoos

    Most stars are drawn with 5 points. Frankly, a 4 star said does not look like a star and the same goes for 6 points. I advise you to avoid this type of tattoo unless the artist has experience and can convince you otherwise.

    Star tattoo designs for men

    The stereotype of a star tattoo is cute and multi-colored and usually does not look good in a man. However, if you want to carry this type of tattoos and you can take it out then that is their problem and that is one to judge.

    That said, if you want something you can cope more easily, then you can get a tattoo of tribal style and these are more neutral. A shooting star has a tail like a comet or meteorite is also a good option.

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