Fish Tattoo symbolic and artistic appeal

    Koi Fish Tattoo is one of the most sought after tattoo designs because of their symbolic and artistic appeal. This fish has bright, vibrant colors, and is known to represent good luck and struggles in life. Belonging to the same family as the carp are also known for their strong characteristics such as perseverance, vitality and strength, therefore, not surprising that both lovers male and female eye are always looking for that the koi fish tattoo designs perfect for.

    Meanings and symbolism

    Japanese culture is known to have the longest history with Koi, as they associate with them. According to their legends and mythologies, whether a koi can swim all the way to the Yellow River and reach the Dragon Gate, which will turn into a dragon as a symbol that has triumphed and persevered in the adversities of life . And with this representation has become a symbol to signify a goal for the fulfillment of success and happiness. For those who have opted for koi fish tattoo down, is symbolic of the act to overcome the difficulties and struggles that are experienced in life.

    Best parts of the body

    This tattoo design is best provided in the body when placed in a place that show features colorful and interesting details. Therefore, the body parts that are larger canvas of skin are preferred in order to maximize the beauty of the koi fish. For men, the best places would be the arm, calf, back, legs and chest. For women, best locations for koi fish tattoos that would be the side ribs, scapula, lower stomach and back as well.

    The best sources of Koi Fish Tattoos

    Of course, you want a tattoo just for you. You do not want to end up with a design that everyone else. Despite its popularity, there are millions of ways to make your koi tattoos unique and personal to you. You can always work with a great tattoo artist to custom design for you, though you might have to pay extra for this. However, it should be worthwhile, especially if the artist is very creative and imaginative.

    If you want to make it more personal, which can make the adjustment design. You can always change the colors and apply and combine the ones you like. You can also add other Japanese symbols to make it more authentic. There are several online tattoo gallery that you can sign up for membership and will have immediate access to thousands of tattoo art on your bookshelf. You can mix and match designs and make your own personalization to create a design of a koi fish tattoo type would love to have tattooed on her forever.

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Fish Tattoo symbolic and artistic appeal

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